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PENTICTON Golf Shuttle Service

Discover Penticton’s Premier Golf Courses with Upper End Tours

Embark on a journey to Penticton’s premier golf destinations with Upper End Tours’ Penticton Golf Shuttle Service. This service is your key to unlocking a day filled with sun, scenic beauty, and splendid golfing, all while basking in the luxury and convenience of our exclusive shuttle service. Penticton’s vibrant golf scene is matched only by the quality and comfort of our travel experience.

Exclusive Group Rate Offer: Tailored for the golfing groups that value both the game and the journey, our Penticton Golf Shuttle Service is available at a special group rate of $849.98. This offer ensures up to 12 passengers can share in the joy and luxury of travel, making every trip to the golf course as enjoyable as the game itself.

What you can expect from us:

  • Guidance from Local Experts: Our drivers’ vast knowledge of Penticton’s golf courses will lead you right to where you need to be for the best golfing experience.
  • Streamlined Booking Experience: Easily book your shuttle service online and spend more time perfecting your putt than worrying about logistics.
  • Travel in Comfort and Style: Our vehicles are the epitome of luxury, designed to transport you and your equipment with ease and elegance.
  • Refreshments for the Ride Home: After a day on the greens, enjoy chilled water on your return journey, courtesy of Upper End Tours.

Opting for the Penticton Golf Shuttle Service by Upper End Tours ensures not just a trip to the golf course, but an elevated travel experience that complements the beauty and excitement of Penticton’s golfing landscape. Make your next golf outing extraordinary with a touch of luxury and convenience that only we can offer.

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