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SUMMERLAND Golf Shuttle Service

Summerland Golf Getaways Elevated with Upper End Tours

Dive into the picturesque landscapes of Summerland, where golf courses abound with natural beauty and challenging play. The Summerland Golf Shuttle Service by Upper End Tours is your premier choice for accessing these exclusive greens. We blend luxury travel with the sport’s spirit, ensuring your journey to the course is as exceptional as your time on it.

Special Group Travel Offer: Our Summerland Golf Shuttle Service caters to those who wish to enjoy their golf adventure collectively. Offering a special group rate of $849.98, this package accommodates up to 12 passengers, ensuring everyone enjoys the journey in utmost comfort and style. It’s the perfect solution for golfers seeking a blend of camaraderie and premium travel experience.

Benefits of booking with us include:

  • Local Golfing Insights: Our drivers are equipped with knowledge of Summerland’s top golf spots, guiding you to the best play areas.
  • Easy Booking Process: Our streamlined online booking platform makes reserving your shuttle service a breeze, so you can focus more on your swing.
  • Comfortable and Stylish Travel: Our vans are designed for the ultimate travel experience, ensuring every golfer and their gear arrives in top condition.
  • Hydration on Return: We offer complimentary chilled water for the ride back, ensuring you stay hydrated after a day under the sun.

Choosing the Summerland Golf Shuttle Service from Upper End Tours means opting for a golf trip that exceeds expectations. From the moment you book until the end of your journey, enjoy the sophistication and convenience that only we can provide. Let’s make your next visit to Summerland’s golf courses a memorable adventure.

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